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A. Eligibility.

Residents who have legal access to the communal garden are those with properties with a front facade facing the square and are paying a garden fee that is reflected in council tax bill and also tenants in long term lease (defined as more than a 12 month contract). For more detailed information, please refer to Garden Square Legislation which is regulated by Kensington Improvement Act 1851 and Town Gardens Protection Act 1863: Read more.


B. Procedure.

Please email request to As an initial check, please email a copy of council tax and tenancy agreement (for tenants). Once an applicant is verified to have legal access to the garden, please follow the procedure below:

1. Download and fill out an application form:

2. Need to agree to abide by the bye-laws

3. Provide a valid photo ID (passport or driver’s license).

4. Provide copy of Council Tax Bill. For you to have legal access to Ovington Square Gardens, the council tax bill should include a garden charge.
5. Please pay £270 by fund transfer to:

Account Name: Ovington Square Garden Committee.

Reference: Your address.

Bank details to be confirmed in email.

The payment represents £250 deposit (fully refundable upon return of the key) and £20 to cover the cost of key.

6. Please provide us proof of payment.

7. Submit all documents to Emelie Martin by email with subject as NEW KEY.

8. The Garden Committee will review the documents and once approved a new key will be issued to the applicant. Original signed application form should be submitted when collecting the key.

C. Reminder.

If any resident is found to have passed a key to someone not a resident on the garden and therefore not entitled to access, that key will have to be returned without refund and the resident will forfeit any future right to a key.

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