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About Our Garden

Once the site of a bustling market garden feeding the city of London, and now one of London’s famous garden squares, Ovington Square Garden has been in existence since the 1840s – go here to find out more about its history. The garden’s future was secured soon after development, becoming protected under the 1851 Garden Square Act and maintained under the Kensington Improvement Act 1851, which allows for management and day-to-day maintenance by a garden committee of residents.


In 1928 this graceful space was described as an ‘oblong area surrounded by a thick privet hedge. Laid out as an ornamental garden with well-kept lawns’. Like much of the elegant square around it, it has a remarkably timeless feel, with modern railings, curved wrought iron gates and a wide paved path leading across to the entrance opposite. There is a narrow-paved path around the edge of the garden, perfect for a quick stroll, plus mature plane trees, well-chosen shrubs and two grassy areas.


It maintains its elegance thanks to a garden levy applied to eligible residents in Ovington Square and Ovington Gardens. The levy is taken from the council tax bill, is set annually by the elected garden sub-committee, and is collected directly by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. For more about this process go here.


Ovington Square’s garden committee works voluntarily and strives to maintain the continuing tranquility of this much-appreciated space, keeping it a little haven of nature for Ovington’s residents. For more on the planting visit here.

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