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Ovington Square

Ovington Square is a garden square in central London's Knightsbridge district.

It lies between Brompton Road to the north-west (reached via Ovington Gardens) and Walton Street to the south-east.

The freehold property on which the square is built was owned by Frederick, Baron von Zandt of Würzburg, Germany, and after his death was developed in 1844 by his widow, Elizabeth Standerwick, of Ovington House in Hampshire. The houses surrounding the green were built from 1844 to 1850 by W.W. Pocock.

The south side of the square, 1–35, and number 34 on the north side are grade II listed, as are

37–43 and 36–42 on the road into the square.

The green itself was secured soon after development, protected under the 1851 Garden Square Act and maintained under the Kensington Improvement Act 1851. Responsibility for the garden passed to Trustees following a settlement made by Sir John Swinnerton Dyer in 1912.

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Source: Wikipedia

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